White Water River Rafting at Cagayan de Oro




Hearing those words make my blood rush in the most hyped up way. Whenever I hear Cagayan de Oro, white water river rafting always comes first to my mind. Seeing all those travel ads and blogs about this adrenaline-induced activity, I promised myself I would try it one day. And guess what? I finally did! After 10 years since my last visit in CDO, I finally did.

Getting to the rivers took about one looong hour from the city proper. I couldn’t contain my excitement! I mean, who wouldn’t want to try this?! Rough waters. Bumpy rides. Paddles and helmets. Inflatable boats. This definitely called for an adventure!

The calm before the beautiful, raging storm

Before the rafting started, an orientation on safety procedures and paddle strokes was first given. The tour guides taught each person how to maneuver the paddles correctly, and how to control the motion of the boat depending on the current. A “group chant” was also hollered, just to lift the spirits higher.

Note: one of the guides will be following the groups in another boat to take photos and videos. So make sure to keep your face lit up!

As the rafting started, we were all squealing for excitement! The bumpy ride and cold waters were obviously the pump up factors. Honestly, I expected this activity to be just as easy, but I was proved wrong. You have to have coordination with your group to steer the boat in the right direction. And balance! I fell down way too many times than anyone should have. Exactly the reason why you should listen to your guide’s instructions. Before the water gets rough, he will advise you to lock your feet on the side of the boat so as to avoid falling in your seat.

But fret not! River rafting isn’t all about sitting and paddling under the heat of the sun. It can be waaay more fun. How? By standing! We had “games” where we would all stand and form a circle in the middle of the boat and balance while the rough waters rock the boat in all directions. The goal is to not fall over!

You can tell by our faces that we were having too much fun!

There are also parts of the river where the water is calm and you can swim in the cold waters. Just don’t go too far from the boat.

Our package costs Php1,200/head which has 14 rapids and lasts for three extremely fun hours. The package already includes transportation from your hotel, as long as it is within the city proper, to the rivers and back, as well as helmets, life vests, and paddles. You also have the option to avail your group pictures and videos which cost Php500/CD.

For more info, you can visit their website at: http://www.kagaycagayandeororafting.com/run-and-rates/

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