Beautiful Sunset in Camiguin Island

The sunset is always considered beautiful.

A warmth mixture of red, yellow, and orange in the open sky that reflects the deep blue sparkling ocean water. The sunset takes all our worries away – even for just a moment.

The day tour in Camiguin Island ended at around 5’oclock PM. We visited Sto. Niño Cold Spring and Tuasan Falls on our half day trip in the island. Contented by the views and spots we have seen throughout the day, we thought our day adventure ended right. But I guess we were wrong!

The majestic and enchanting moment just begun as the sun sets.

Camiguin's sunset
Chasing the sun ☀

En route to our destination, we passed by views that display the free sea that’s ahead of us. There were coconut trees planted along the road which makes the scene more “islandy” like. My favourite part is when I looked up to the sun and its rays hit my very eyes, it stings a little but it’s one kind of pain that’s worth it. We felt the sea breeze into our deep skins as we closely arrived to where our hired tour guide led us. Everybody was so excited to just went on chasing the sun.

Spanish Church Ruins
♪As the world keeps spinning round, you hold me right here right now♪

We arrived at the Old Spanish Church Ruins just in time for sunset. As we walked inside the church, we saw this sturdy ancient wall, covered with moss, that still stand despite the disastrous volcanic eruption that happened years ago. The old church has lost its roof but covered by the trees around it at present. There were old towering trees all over the place that makes the scene more beautiful. Then, there the sun allowed us to capture millions of pictures of this beauty. The church was ruined but still numerous tourists come and visit this marvelous place. Come and see it for yourself!

Old Spanish Church Ruins
Old Spanish Church Ruins
Sunken Cemetery

The Sunken Cemetery is just 500 meters away from the Old Spanish Church Ruin. It was already dusk when we arrived. We took pictures at the bay walk until a local offered us his boat to sail through the sea to where the cross marker is located. We really wanted to go closely the iconic cross marker so we hopped on the boat straightaway!

The cross marker is a 3-minute-ride away from the bay walk and this 3-minute-sail means . . . we would see lots of white birds flying around the sky and gentle waves rocking the small boat. Sailing, splashes of the sea will caress your face (not enough though to get you drenched but just enough for you to taste the sea HAHAHA), and at last the sunset is at the nearer view.

Sunken Cemetery
Sunset at Sunken Cemetery
Sunken Cemetery
Cross Marker Sunken Cemetery

As we reached the Cross Marker, we were greeted by the view of the sun kissing the ocean goodbye. There were still birds flying across the dark orange sky, the deep blue sea is still and the sound of the laughter of my friends filled the air. We stayed there until sundown.

Friends at Sunken Cemetery
Same people, different place

Our tour guide took great photos of us. He was surely an expert guide and a good photographer as well for he captured the perfect “angle” at all times (It takes a great photographer to have an instagrammable photo).

Supportive Friends
That’s what friends are for #SupportiveFriends



This time, the sun is in transition for nightfall, slowly setting and making the sky darker and darker every split second. We are in awe to witness this timeless and unfailing beautiful sunset in Camiguin Island that even the locals told us that we were lucky enough to have witnessed such sunset since this has not happened for a long while. Truly, we could not explain our happiness that moment.

Waving at the sun goodbye

Today’s sunset makes us realize that endings can be beautiful too. The sunset’s beauty gives us therapy and vanished our worries away! I personally thank God for the enchanting sunset He has shown us. Our gypsy souls were happy and our hearts were truly contented. It was all BEAUTIFUL.

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