Camiguin Island is a paradise of natural wonders and historical treasures. Located in the Bohol Sea and off the northern coast of Mindanao, this pear-shaped island is home to volcanoes, beaches, springs, waterfalls, and centuries-old churches. This island, though small and not widely known, has a lot to offer that you shouldn’t miss out.So here are five reasons why you should visit The Island Born of Fire:


Looking for a vacation that’s not yet on everyone’s radar? Then, Camiguin Island is your go-to! Philippines offers tons of getaway vacation places all-year round, but most of them are too mainstream and over-populated. The life in Camiguin Island, however, is very laid-back and peaceful. Its natural wonders are still untouched since there are less tourists here than any other islands. If you’re longing for a serene and relaxing vacation, then this island is perfect for you!


From churches to cemeteries, this island is rich in history. The Old Church Ruins was what was left of the once active and fascinating place of worship during the Spanish Era. The century-old church met its destruction when an earthquake shook the town brought by the awakening of a volcano, Mt. Vulcan. However, its walls and columns still stand tall up to this day with trees surrounding them, allowing the sun rays to seep through the leaves, and making the place just as beautiful and tranquil.

The name of the place itself sparks an interest to the tourists. The big cross at Sunken Cemetery that stands in the middle of the sea marks as a reminder of a catastrophic history when a volcano erupted and sunk the town underwater, including the cemetery. Unfortunately, you can no longer see the gravestones that lie deep in the water since it sunk deeper when another earthquake and volcanic eruption took place almost eighty years later. But don’t get spooked out with the thought that a gravesite lies underneath. The place gives off a very peaceful vibe. It’s a bonus when you get there during sunset. It bestows the perfect, magical view to end the day.

Sunset at the Sunken Cemetery

No filter needed!


Feeling hot under the sun? Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the cold spring! This large pool is naturally filled with cold and calming waters that drop to 20C which makes it a favorite destination for hot summer days.

Bonus: you get to swim with the fishes!

Feeling cold in the chill of the night? Soak yourself in the heat of the hot springs! Being a volcanic island, Camiguin is expected to have these. The soothing waters of this natural pool help you rest and relax in its comfort. They have different sizes of pools lined up with different temperatures, so you can choose the right temperature for your body.

Yes, you read all those right! Camiguin Island has both cold and hot springs! So what are you feeling today?


Beachers are always a favorite and a must go-to. I mean, what’s a vacation without a beach? Well, Camiguin Island has got it all from black to white sands. These black beaches are because of the volcanic structures the island is composed of. They are deposits of volcanic eruptions but don’t worry, the waters are crystal clear and undoubtedly refreshing!

If you’re fond of white sand beaches, Camiguin Island has neighboring islets that offer these: the Mantigue Island, and White Island. Mantigue Island is touched with forests sprayed with white sand, perfect for swimming and diving. On the other hand, White Island is a sand bar blessed with powdery, fine white sand whose shape runs from A-Z, depending on the ocean tide. White Island can only be visited in the morning, and usually underwater in the afternoon when the high tide comes in.

The view from White Island where you can see Mt. Hibok-Hibok


Food. Everyone’s favorite. Camiguin Island is best known for its sweet delicacy, Pastel. It is a Filipino sweet-filled bun which is a local and tourist favorite. The fillings are a variety of yema, ube, mocha, macapuno, etc. With all the choices, one can simply (or hardly) choose which one to get. They’re just so good you have to buy them all! Pastel can be bought at Vjandep Bakeshop or at Vjandep Pastel of Camiguin.

Another favorite is lanzones. Growing Lanzones fruit is Camiguin Island’s major source of livelihood. Because of its bounty, a Lanzones Festival is held every third week of October as a celebration of thanksgiving. It is one of the Philippines’ most colorful festivals.

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