We missed our flight to Cagayan de Oro!

Where do I even begin this unfortunate tale? Cheers to an event that most travelers fear: we missed our flight.

The flight was scheduled at 5 in the freaking morning. Being both nocturnal creatures, my sister and I were afraid of not waking up in time.

My sister decided to pull an allnighter just so one of us is awake that time and could wake the other up.

All ready, we went to the airport for our planned trip. We were on the Mactan Bridge when my sister screamed at me, “Yoooy!” Startled with the tone of her voice, I snapped back at her as I was trying to sleep at the back of the car.

So, our flight was actually 5am sharp. I said that it was 5:55 but turns out I was looking at the arrival time!!!!!!

My sister was so pissed at me for getting the times wrong. But I couldn’t have all the blame, she checked us in online! She should have double checked the time then too. It was only a few minutes until 5, our plane would leave any minute now.

Nevertheless, we still headed to the airport. Sure enough, we didn’t make it to our flight as the doors were already closed even though the plane hasn’t actually left yet.

Frantic with what to do, we still pushed our luck trying to talk to the airline personnel on ground. We need to get there. We even tried to get to the PAL flight instead where our relatives are on. But it was a little too late as we were busy trying to figure it out ourselves, not immediately telling our aunt what happened so she could’ve helped us. To cut the story short, all of those were futile attempts.

Getting left behind was somehow a blessing in disguise for my sister. She was unemployed then and was rather thankful she didn’t have to spend anymore.

Cancelling the trip wasn’t an option for me though. After Dahilayan in Bukidnon that day and white water rafting tomorrow, the plan was to go to Camiguin together with my friends. My cousins couldn’t go without me and my friends wouldn’t continue without us because a room for 8 was already booked.

Apparently, I was key to making the Camiguin trip happen. This wasn’t the original plan though. Going in as one group was more of a coincidence. My friend invited me to go for April 22-23 but I declined as I had other priorities in mind. Then our cousins invited us to Bukidnon-Camiguin-CDO for April 20-23. I managed to schedule our Camiguin trip on the weekend even though my aunt wanted it to be Friday-Saturday mehehe. It was just us cousins going anyway, they’ll be staying in Cagayan for their own agenda. Going on a bigger group could help lessen the expenses.

Now you see why I can’t just cancel like my sister? I have to get there even though it means spending a little more.

Finding a way

The day was still early so I cancelled my leave and went to the office while figuring out my options. Next flight to CDO was Philippine Airlines at 10am and fully booked. Then, the next one will still be tomorrow around the same time of our original flight. But the prices are at P3,000 by then! That could already be a ticket to Singapore on sale or something. There’s a cheaper option of riding a boat instead. I was fine with it until realizing that we have to sleep on a 10-hour trip overnight. Sleeping unaccompanied in a boat  scared me into purchasing the pricey day-before-the-flight-ticket. All hail my life decisions!

The next day, I got into my first solo flight which was my first time in PAL too. Their free snack was a pleasant surprise. Hurrah to free food!


Despite everything that happened, I made it to Cagayan de Oro! While waiting for my cousins to arrive from Dahilayan, my friends helped me navigate through the city as they grew up in CDO & Bukidnon. They suggested I stay at Missy Bonbon to have breakfast while waiting.

Missy BonBon was a chill place to stay at. For a while, all the anxiety and stress yesterday was relieved. When we missed our flight, it wasn’t one of the best experienced. But I thought to myself, at least I tried something new HAHAHAHA

Don’t ever miss your flight especially if it’s not a trip you can just cancel. Please double check, triple check your flight schedule and make sure to be early. This whole trip seemed a little jinxed anyway, so many unfortunate little things.

We proceeded as planned and had our white water rafting adventure! The next day, we finally made it to Camiguin! These will be posted here soon too 🙂

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