Weekend Warriors

We get up. We go to work. Then we come home.

That’s the daily grind. Day in and day out, we pour our souls into the job. We are, after all, the young and ambitious who are on the process of climbing the corporate ladder, who are building a name for ourselves, who are looking to bag that big promotion.

Day in and day out, we sit behind our desks pushing paper work. We sit making correspondence and perfecting that next presentation in the hopes that the big bosses will give us the recognition we so desperately yearn.

That is our weekdays. Our realities.

But as young souls, we crave for adventure. We crave to live and see what the world has to offer. Yes, we dare dream of dropping the corporate dream and go backpacking around the world.

But for now, we live for our weekends.

Career-driven on weekdays, hodophilic on the weekends. We’ve since learned to make the most of our time on weekends, not to rest, but to go out there and see the world. We are those who already have plans for all the long weekends of the year. We are those who stay up at dawn because Cebu Pacific announced a seat sale. And we are those who already did the math on our leave credits and know we’ll use it all up before August.

We dread the Mondays. After every weekend adventure, we dread the Mondays when we need to go back to the daily grind. We resent not the job, not the career, but the feeling of missing out on the many wonders that we have yet to go see and the many cultures we have yet to experience.

So this band of hodophiles has teamed up and decided we all write about our weekend adventures (and misadventures) so we continue to inspire each other as well as others to continue and grow the love for travel. Our insatiable hunger for new destinations will sure take us places and we are excited to see what the future holds for us.

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  1. Aida says:

    Nice! You can go backpacking in Europe😂 soon…hopefully🙏🙏🙏

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