A Glimpse of Oslo, Norway

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a very wordy person. My writing may not do it justice, but I hope these snaps would give you a glimpse of the beauty in my new home. I’m honestly not sure if I can call this home now. Anyway, allow me to share my stories in this travel blog.

Family matters

It’s been over a year since I moved to Oslo, Norway. I was barely of age when I flew here to be with my mother. Like most Filipino families, we left our homeland in search of a better life.

Why Norway? To cut the long story short, it’s where my parent/s finally got a real shot of working abroad. Our family’s plan in migrating had been changing from time to time: from USA, to New Zealand and where ever. Ultimately, we made it to Norway.


Not many of you may even know where Norway is. A lot of my friends and acquaintances often ask where it is located while some would even confuse it with Netherlands. At least they got one thing right – it’s in Europe! Now let me tell you more and also show you the magnificence in this country!

For starters, being in Europe means you can expect wonderful architecture and sceneries like the ones seen in movies and the internet. You don’t have to spend a lot on traveling, walking around the city of Oslo is enough to keep you mesmerized with the sight.

Add to that, Norway has 4 seasons unlike the Philippines. It’s very typical of me, but my first time in experiencing snow was one of the happiest moments!

Here are some snaps of the fall foliage last month. Winter is here and I’ll be posting some photos here soon.

There are more stories am I yet to share in this blog and much more adventures I am yet to partake. Until next time, Hodophiles!

PS: It wasn’t my intention to make this a bit of a dramatic post. But hey, I guess it suits the the gloomy fall pictures.

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