A Weekend in Boracay for PHP 6,000

Dubbed as one of the best beaches in the country, Boracay Island is surely in the bucketlist of most Filipinos. Who wouldn’t want to witness for themselves the beauty of this island? Experience the water activities and party away in it’s nightlife?

Check out this video to get a glimpse of our Boracay experience


Here’s how we managed to enjoy this tourist hotspot for only P6,000.


First of all, cheap plane tickets! We weren’t exactly saving up for Boracay then. But we all know that Cebu Pacific Air randomly goes on sale every now and then and when we saw the roundtrip tickets from Cebu to Kalibo were only P899, we booked it with a 1-month leadtime!

There are 2 nearby airports in going to Boracay – Kalibo and Caticlan. Kalibo Airport is the larger. It is an international airport of the province of Aklan and serves more flights than Caticlan Airport. Our flight landed in Kalibo which means an hour or two landtrip to Catilcan Port where you can catch a boat to Boracay island.

Arriving late on a Friday night, we were worried if we would be able to get Boracay Island in time because apparently there was a sunset cut-off for the boats departing to Boracay. Well now, getting across Aklan mainland to Boracay shouldn’t be a problem as some companies are now operating 24/7. Southwest service was offered to us on our flight with Cebu Pac.  It’s P500 one way which includes all expenses in transporting from the airport all the way to your hotel rooms. Environmental and other fees are included as well.

When you go back home, please take note of the P200 terminal fee in Kalibo airport so you wouldn’t be surprised like us for this additional expense.

Transportation Expenses summary: P2,177
  • Cebu Pacific Promo Ticket – P899
  • Kalibo Airport to our room and vise versa – P1,000
  • Kalibo Terminal Fee – P200
  • Taxi rides in Cebu (shared) – P78


Boracay being a popular tourist destination, it is crucial that you book your accommodation ahead. You don’t want to go to the island jumping around resorts with all of them fully booked.

We booked a room for P3,200 that’s good for 3 people with P600 additional charge for an extra head. Individually, it was P950 good for 2 nights! Mito’s is located at the sought-after station 2 just behind Gerry’s grill. The room might not have a view of the sea but it was close to the beach line. The price was just right, in my opinion.

Tip: if you want an even cheaper room, try looking for the ones not in Station 1 or 2 or somewhere further from the shore.

Accommodation Expenses summary: P950 per head for 2 nights


One word. Haggle! You have to know how to haggle to get the best prices there!


For parasailing, we booked ahead online as we read that it gets fully booked especially during peak seasons. Turns out that there were a lot of available slots when we got there and it’s for a cheaper price! We booked ours for P1,332 but the usual price they offer is P1,200. You could even lessen your price if you’re able to get a good package for water activities. Too late for us.

Island Hopping

The island hopping was worth P600 per head with lunch included. It was honestly underwhelming for my taste. Maybe because it didn’t exceed my expectation to be more thrilling than the ones we experienced back in Cebu. I thought it would be different, that it would have better underwater sights, but it all feels too familiar. But in all fairness, the best part of it was going to Puka Beach.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Before the trip, paddle boarding was what we’re most excited about aside from parasailing. A board would cost P500 an hour, or P300 for 30 minutes. Worried of wasting money in case we can’t make it function properly, we all took turns in a single paddle board just to see how we go. The next day, Cherie and I decided we hadn’t have enough and went paddle boarding again. Booking from the same Kuya, he gave us half an hour for only P250!

I miss the beach but I miss you more, bro!

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Helmet Diving

Helmet diving wasn’t originally part of our itinerary. But among all other water activities, it appealed to us more. Also, one might think it would be as expensive as parasailing. But, nuh-uh. This magical experience would only cost you P600! Because this was unfortunately not included in our budget, we tried our best to get the lowest price which luckily got us to P450/head! Ha!

Activities expenses summary: P 2,557
  • Island Hopping – P600
  • Parasailing – P1,332
  • Helmet Diving – P450
  • Paddle Boarding (share) – P175


You will come to know that food in Boracay is very expensive. We were more willing to spend our money on activities than the overpriced food. Heck, even their fast food is more pricey than it should be. Needless to say more, we missed the chance of eating those huge fresh lobsters and other seafood.

I am very well aware that food is also part of the travelling experience. We couldn’t afford that luxury due to our very tight budget. Settling for Andok’s McDonalds and whatnot, our tummies still had their fill and that’s what was important.

We weren’t able to buy pasalubongs as we thought there was still time but we didn’t have time anymore. Instead of the usual keychains from Boracay Island, we bought some delicacies at Kalibo airport.

  • Transportation – P2,177
  • Accommodation – P950
  • Activities – P2,557
  • Food & Goodies – P700

That’s how we managed a seemingly luxurious vacation on a low budget!

Note: This trip was on July 2016, prices may have changed now.

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