For years, I have been stressed out from balancing work and school together. Last March I have finally completed my bachelor’s degree and so, I promised myself that for the rest of this year, I have to fill my life with memorable travel experiences. First on my bucket list is to visit the largest province of the Philippines – Palawan

Beautiful Sunset in Camiguin Island

The sunset is always considered beautiful. A warmth mixture of red, yellow, and orange in the open sky that reflects the deep blue sparkling ocean water. The sunset takes all our worries away – even for just a moment.


Camiguin Island is a paradise of natural wonders and historical treasures. Located in the Bohol Sea and off the northern coast of Mindanao, this pear-shaped island is home to volcanoes, beaches, springs, waterfalls, and centuries-old churches. This island, though small and not widely known, has a lot to offer that you shouldn’t miss out.

White Water River Rafting at Cagayan de Oro

Water. River. Rafting. Hearing those words make my blood rush in the most hyped up way. Whenever I hear Cagayan de Oro, white water river rafting always comes first to my mind.

A Glimpse of Oslo, Norway

For starters, being in Europe means you can expect wonderful architecture and sceneries like the ones seen in movies and the internet.